Sunday, July 17, 2016

Styling the Kate Spade Daisy Dot Blaire Skirt

I decided to do another Kate Spade post almost in the same theme as the last one.  With the exception of making a purchase from Nordstrom and returning it, I bought this skirt in the same manner as I did the Daisy Dot maxi dress.   

I love the casual summer look of this skirt.  I paired it with a denim blouse by Banana Republic and Gladiator Sandals by Michael Kors.  I also wore my new Louis Vuitton Alma BB handbag with this outfit.  

This skirt is extremely comfortable and has an elasticated waistline.  This skirt comes in sizes ranging from XXS to XXL.  I love the fact there is a wide range of sizes in this skirt.

This is actually the 2nd Kate Spade skirt I’ve bought in this style and this should be an indication of how much I love this skirt.  I purchased one in a different patten last year.  The only differences I found (besides the pattern) is the sizing.  The only I got last year had number sizing instead of the letter sizing.  Kate Spade has a size guide on their website.  I referred to it when deciding on the size to purchase.  

The original price of the daisy skirt was $248 and the sale price is $174.  I also got an extra 30% off of the sale price.  

Link to the skirt:

The only minor negative about the skirt is it wrinkles a bit.

Overall I love this skirt and highly recommended it!

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