Friday, July 8, 2016

Kate Spade 'Daisy Dot' Maxi Dress

Some of my most favorite items in my wardrobe are from Kate Spade.  I love the look and the quality of the items.  BUT I don’t always love the price.  Most of their items do not have designer prices but they are still up there in price.  I first saw this dress on Lily Pebbles’  YouTube channel when she had been invited by Kate Spade to pick out a few items.  I fell in love with the dress and immediately checked it out on Kate Spade’s website.  The dress was way more than I wanted to pay.  It was $478 and with sales tax it would have been well over $500.  I didn’t love it that much so I decided to wait for it to go on sale and then take another look at it then.  

One thing I discovered over the past year is that Kate Spade does something interesting.  They will add new collections often and then put them on sale very quickly.  It seems as if the new items go on sale within just a few weeks of them being launched.  Then very soon after the sale starts, they will do an additional 30% off of the sale items.  This is when I jump on their website and will usually make a purchase or two.  The only issue is that these items are now final sale.  If you haven’t been able to try the item on before this sale, you better hope you guess the right size.  I will tell you based on extensive purchases, most of the sizing stays the same.  For example, if you are a size 6 in a Kate Spade skirt you should be ok with a size 6 in most of their skirts.  The same goes for the tops.  I will warn you to keep in mind your body type when making purchases.  I love their A-line skirts but can’t make their pencil skirts work for me.  I would also suggest that if you can, go into a store and try some items on first.  Figure out what size works for you, then sit back and wait for the sale.  It usually doesn’t take long for it to happen.

Buying this dress turned into a comedy.  It finally went on sale at Kate Spade (without the extra 30% off) but they don’t have the best return policy.  For this reason, I always check to see if either Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus has the same item. I found the dress on both Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus’ website and it was on sale on both sites.  Neiman Marcus had it .30 cents cheaper than Nordstrom.  Both of these stores were selling the dress for a lot less than Kate Spade.  This was on a Saturday.  I really wanted the dress but I didn’t want to be too impulsive and I knew that I should wait a day and see how I felt about it on Sunday. Well, Sunday rolled around and I was still in love with the dress.  I decided I was going to purchase the dress from Neiman Marcus since they had the lower price.  When I logged onto their website, the price of the dress had gone back up.  Needless to say, I was aggravated.  I decided at that point to purchase it from Nordstrom.  I ordered the dress on Sunday.  Well Tuesday rolled around and I saw an ad that Kate Spade had an extra 30% off of sale items.  This extra discount made the dress about $80 less than it was at Nordstrom.  I went ahead and placed my order for the dress on Kate Spade’s website and I returned the one from Nordstrom as soon as it came in.  Thankfully Nordstrom has one of the best return policies for any retail store.  Everything worked out in the end and I am loving this dress so much.


I styled the dress with a white denim jacket by Ralph Lauren, a Celine Micro Luggage Tote, Michael Kors black & white heels, & Valentino Rockstud Sunglasses.

Photos where taken at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and in the Gulch in Nashville, TN.


  1. This is a lovely dress and I like the way you styled it.

  2. I love your photos. Especially the one with the angle wings. Great blog.

  3. Kate Spade has beautiful items and this dress is flattering. The photos are great and I really like your blog.

  4. Great job on starting this blog.

  5. I just watched your video and I love it. Great job on the blog too.

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